Clothing is Optional

Take a natural break

As the average day time temperatures can climb into the 30’s we operate a clothing optional policy and are happy to welcome naturist & nudist guests. The emphasis is on optional.  Whether clothed, topless or naked - it's your choice. All we ask is that you don't make others around you feel uncomfortable if their choice is different to yours.

No need to relect on what to wearThere's no need to worry if this will be your first experience of a clothing optional holiday. In a recent survey, over half our past guests told us Camp Full Monte was their very first experience of a clothing optional holiday and one they would repeat.

Our glamping packages, tent hire offers, camping pitches, on-site facilities, and the overall eco experience. Even our prices stay low - you simply have the option to get up to100% off.

No need to worry about what to wear for breakfast

So if you visit why not take take the opportunity to get rid of your tan lines; travel with less luggage and go home with less laundry.

Research suggests you'll also sleep better naked. If you do wake in the night, there is no need to disturb others in your tent while you fumble about looking for something to wear, footwear is all you’ll need for that stroll to the facilities.

Not sure what to wear when you wake up? hammock imageHave a coffee and some breakfast first and think about it later.

 Enjoy your morning shower without stressing about your “towel dancing” skills.

Look forward to being in your own skin when you return from sightseeing, desperate to get out of your sticky restrictive clothes.

But above all it is a chance to re-capture the simple childlike freedom of being natural in nature, with the sun and warm breeze on your skin.

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